Air cannons and air injectors

The most efficient way to avoid discharge problems and caking in cold and hot areas, thereby ensuring continuous production.

Prevention of discharge problems through superior impulse forces

The high quality of the products, constant advancement and individual design of the air cannon systems have guaranteed maximum effectiveness for over 45 years.

  • Elimination of funnel, chimney and bridge forming during storage and handling of bulk materials in silos, bunkers and stockpiles
  • Prevention of build-up in chutes and feeding hoppers
  • Elimination of build-up and residues from combustion


Product innovation in the air cannon area – Rapid Change Nozzle

Our latest innovation is the Rapid Change Nozzle. The advantage of this nozzle is that it can be changed in a very short time from the outside without entering the oven or hopper. The system, which was designed for use in hot areas, can also be operated in cold areas without any restrictions.

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6 Advantages of the VSR BLASTER® 

The strong air blasts of the VSR BLASTER® air cannons eliminate caking that regularly occurs, for example in heat exchangers or in rotary cement kilns. This ensures optimum heat exchange and material flow.


Simple installation and operation

The air cannon is securely mounted on the outside of the bunker. It is connected to the compressed air network via a 3/2-way valve and can be operated with a fully automatic, electronic control system. Therefore, no electrical connections to the air cannon are necessary.

Low energy consumption with maximum impulse power

As the air cannons work intermittently, only a fraction of the energy as for other usual pneumatic fluidisation processes is required. Due to highest impulse forces, our air cannons ensure the highest effectiveness of the systems with low energy consumption.

Accident safety

VSR BLASTER® air cannons comply with pressure vessel safety regulations. The air blast, which lasts in milliseconds, presents no danger to the bunker or its content. Due to the small amount of compressed air and the use of a non-sparking valve, the risk of an explosion is excluded.

Maintenance friendly

Maintenance work on the air cannon can be carried out without disassembly of the vessel. This is possible just by removing the rear, secured lock. In addition, we guarantee spare parts compatibility.

Effectiveness guarantee

If a VSR BLASTER air cannon system designed by us does not achieve the agreed effect, we will take back the components free of charge within a specified time period.

Individual selection of nozzles

We can offer the largest selection of customised blow out nozzles for every problem.
Depending on the application, we use a simple blow pipe, our fan jet angle nozzles, spreader nozzles or sword nozzles regardless if for cold or hot areas.

Function of the VSR BLASTER® air cannon

The pneumatic solution for all types of discharge problems

Within milliseconds, the VSR BLASTER® air cannon blasts an amount of compressed air through specially shaped nozzles into critical material zones. The resulting energy from the air blast fluidized the bulk material in the previously critical zones. Material discharge problems or transport difficulties can be eliminated and build-ups can be removed. The high effectiveness of VSR BLASTER® air cannons is based on optimal combination of the components. Due to a specially developed quick exhaust valve, a minimum exhaust time of the piston chamber is achieved. This fact and the relation of the piston area to the blow-out cross-section ensure rapid opening and unhindered discharge of the compressed air from the air cannon.

As a result, the pressure vessel of all VSR BLASTER® sizes is emptied in milliseconds and the maximum possible impulse force is generated.

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