Dust Suppression and Odour Control

In the sector of dust suppression, we successfully apply our classic spraying systems operating with water or a combination of air and water, dry fog. Our product portfolio also includes mobile dust controllers and our new high-pressure spraying system for industrial dust control.

Effective dust reduction with water

Dust emissions are generally disturbing and also a health hazard. For this reason, most countries now have legal requirements that stipulate a reduction of dust emissions.

  • Amazingly high dust binding efficiency, even in almost unsolvable problem cases
  • Durable, universal and easy-to-maintain water spraying system
  • Optimal dust control achieved via finest droplet size

Rent or Purchase

The mobile dust binding machines can be purchased or rented. If you decide to rent, we deliver our innovative dust binding machines directly to the desired location and put them into operation.

6 Advantages of DUSTEX® dust seuppression

With DUSTEX® systems, planned and installed by us, you can comply with the legal requirements on dust emissions that are currently applicable. In various projects in which measurements were carried out, dust emissions were reduced by more than 90%. The limit value of 10 mg/m³ air could be safely undercut.


Individual solution

The DUSTEX® product group includes stationary and mobile water spraying systems for dust minimisation. The suitable system for our customers is selected and individually designed according to the application conditions and technical specifications.

Low energy consumption

The required amount of compressed air and water can be controlled according to individual needs. Therefore, the resources water and air are not unnecessarily burdened.

Freeze protection

Generally, our systems can be protected from low temperatures by using insulation and heating.

Maintenance friendly

Due to its open design, the entire dust suppression system guarantees the greatest possible ease of maintenance.

Largest selection

With our four groups of systems for dust control, we offer the widest selection of water spraying systems.

Project experience

Looking at the establishment of our DUSTEX® product family, it is easy to see that especially in large-scale projects, VSR's experience of more than 20 years is required.

We protect the Enviroment and People from dust

Our tailored solution for dust suppression

The DUSTEX® water spraying system operates with water. It is used anywhere where outdoor handling situations cannot be enclosed sufficiently and where a slightly higher use of water is not disturbing (or even desired). Due to the large selection of nozzles, an optimal spray pattern can be created for every application. With a working pressure of up to 16 bar, the water will be finely atomised and the droplet spectrum is 50-150 µm.

The DUSTEX® dispersion system works with water and compressed air as two-substance spraying. It is recommended to use it whenever the handling dusts are very fine and/or the entry of moisture into the material is to be avoided as much as possible. The droplet spectrum of our self-developed two-substance nozzles is 10-50 µm, also called dry fog, depending on the pressure. With the nozzle types available at VSR, a water flow rate of 10 l/h to 185 l/h per nozzle can be achieved.

The DUSTEX® high-pressure system is used to reduce dust in areas where the dust emission is very high due to handling, transport and processing of dusty goods. In addition to dust suppression, the DUSTEX® high-pressure system can also be used for air humidification, flue gas cooling or odour neutralisation. Water is atomised at high pressure of up to 160 bar through a special nozzle system. The droplet spectrum ranges from 10-100 μm, depending on the setting.

The mobile dust suppression machines are used where adaptation to constantly changing plant conditions is required, when dust needs to be bound in larger areas or when material should be kept moist on changing stockpiles. The mobile machines reaches a throwing distance from 10 m up to 150 m.

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