In addition to our products, we also have a successful history.

Not only since the transformation of VSR into a completely independent family business, the systematic orientation and further development is the basis for our long-lasting success. VSR's most important capital is its employees.


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This is our story

After being founded in 1975 in a garage in Mülheim a.d.R., the company quickly developed into a globally active company - not least because our strength from the outset consisted of problem solving based on extensive experience and developed jointly with the customer.

Start of development and distribution of the VSR BLASTER air cannons

With the development and distribution of the VSR BLASTER® air cannon, we entered new technical territory; in particular the cement industry quickly recognised the potential of this indispensable product, which still sets standards today. The place at the top was kept by continuous, customer-oriented further development; nevertheless, we can guarantee spare parts compatibility.

Simultaneous implementation of the vibration treatment for stress relief VIBMATIC®

This process represents an alternative to stress relief annealing in every aspect. Residual stresses lead to unacceptable problems during further mechanical processing. Vibration reduces these residual stresses to an acceptable level.

Optimisation of bulk material conveyor belt transport

In the optimisation of bulk material conveyor belt transport, the products VIBREX® conveyor belt scrapers, LINEX® conveyor belt centring rollers and the CAREX® segment block system for chute sealing have been important tools since 1980. These have been further developed over the years and have proven themselves in a large number of cases.

Implementation of the DUSTEX ® systems for dedusting and beginning of the commitment to environmental protection

The DUSTEX® product group initially only included stationary water spraying for dust minimisation and control. Thanks to a special nozzle technology and problem-oriented designed equipment, our systems achieve the highest effectiveness with the lowest possible use of water.

Introduction of the VIBMATIC ® 6000

The fundamental innovation was the fully automated process control and the associated determination of the treatment frequencies by means of Fourier analysis.

Relocation from Mülheim to Duisburg

In 2001, VSR moved to its present location at Am Alten Schacht in Duisburg.

Takeover of VSR by family of Dr. Christian Körling

The Family Körling holding  founded in 2017, took over all shares in VSR from Lemetco Holding GmbH. This resulted in a completely independent family business.

Implementation of the Rapid Change nozzle and the DUSTEX® highpressure system

This year, three innovations have been introduced: Firstly, the Rapid Change Nozzle in the VSR BLASTER® range, which enables nozzle replacement during ongoing operation from the outside, even in hot areas. The result of intensive development work is the DUSTEX® high-pressure system, which works with pressures up to 160 bar. We can also offer mobile dust-binding machines with throw distances up to 150 m.

Appointment of Julius Körling as Managing Director

The future of the company in terms of personnel is guaranteed by the appointment of Julius Körling as Managing Director.

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