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Vibration treatment

for stress reduction

The process

The dimensions of metallic materials are stabilised with vibrations in the VSR process. Materials from 100 kg to more than 200 t lose their critical tendency to warp during or after mechanical treatment, wherein stress-relief annealing can be replaced in many cases.

Description & mode of operation

With the VIBMATIC® 8000 we offer to you a nearly full automatic, user friendly system for stress reduction by vibration treatment.

The Control unit corresponds with a modal impactor, which initiates a signal to the workpiece.

A motor with a variably adjustable imbalance that is connected directly to the component and causes vibrations in it. Two accelerometers measure the acceleration that arises in the component and return these values to the control unit.


The material is optimally vibrated and its unstable status is stabilised. It loses its inherent characteristics and thus can no longer settle and warp due to processing influences or operating stress influences. 
As verification of the treatment, a report is created for each vibration treatment and can be printed out or saved as a PDF file.

Product advantages

  • Considerable savings on time and costs: A component weighing 3 t is ready for further processing after just 1 hour.
  • The component is treated with vibrations on site.
  • No logistics or transport costs.
  • The system can be used universally for all common steel and iron materials with unit weights from 100 kg to over 200 t.
  • The system is environmentally friendly with very low internal energy consumption in comparison with stress-relief annealing and with elimination of the scaling required for annealing.
  • Achievement of low machining allowances, saving of material.

Technical information

  • Industrial PC with frequency converter (230 V / 50-60 Hz / 16 A)
  • Modal impactor
  • Vibration motor
  • 2 accelerometers (1x triaxial; 1x monoaxial)
  • 4 vibration dampers
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