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Segment block system

to seal transfer chutes

Mode of operation

Chute sealing system for conveyor belt transitions, consisting of: rubber blocks, retaining plates, pressure plates and fastener set. The CAREX® blocks, which have tongue and groove interlocking, are individually adjustable and interchangeable.

Product advantages

  • Low install height
  • Lateral fixation
  • Easy to readjust
  • Variable clamping
  • Good run-in behaviour
  • Long service life
  • Easy mounting




Hardness:    55° Shore A
Tensile strength:    20 MPa
Specific weight:    0.93 g/cm3
Application temperature:    -40°C to +130°C (short-term +150°C)
Impact resilience:    high
Elongation at break:    max. 600%
Proportion of polymers:    70%
Resistance to ageing:excellent
Ozone resistance:excellent
Resistance to petrol:low
Resistance to oil and grease:moderate/low
Resistance to acid:excellent
Resistance to alkali:very good

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