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Limestone storage

Euromec/VSR BLASTER® Sword Nozzle solution

in Dezember 2020

DSIV day of silotechnique

in Bremen

The referees in place (f.l.t.r) Julius Körling, Stefan Zöbisch, Michael Brocks and Thomas Daszenies

The presentation: Discharge problems in silos are avoided by means of Air Cannons

VSR BLASTER® Air Cannons

at a coal feeder in a Saxon Plant

in September 2020

Fan Jet Blow Nozzles

for material activation in a Sand Silo

in September 2020

Isobaric Sword Nozzles

at a residue silo of a waste Incineration Plant

in July 2020

VSR BLASTER® Air Cannons

at a diversion reactor with flue gas cleaning

in July 2020