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VSR service offer:

Everything from a single source!


We solve your problems

Save time, money, and nerves: After a binding order has been placed, on request we will take over the entire project planning. At no additional charge. Thus you can concentrate on your work.
Our engineering extends from consulting to planning and project planning, design to execution, installation, commissioning and maintenance of all important processes. Our basis is knowledge, skill, and years of experience at the highest levels of performance. Over the long term, a single source for solutions is not only more cost-effective, it also safeguards your production. In this regard we always work closely together with our customers: You tell us what you need, we provide solutions. 
And because we are confident of our work and our products, in most cases we provide an effectiveness guarantee.

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Consulting and planning

Tailor-made solutions for individual requirements

Consulting, project planning and design are successive, closely entwined work stages and processes. In the process, our consulting incorporates current and target statuses, which we compare with the possible solutions according to the state of the art.
In the project planning phase we develop a solution approach or multiple approaches and compare and evaluate them.
With order submission we work out a detailed plan based on this result. We define measures such as design in detail, procurement, process and cost optimisation, temporary processes, etc., and monitor and correct them as needed.

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Component installation by our employees

The delivered components, devices, machines and systems are set up in future operating facilities and assembled into functioning units.
This can also be carried out by our employees, by VSR personnel together with customer personnel, by customer personnel under the guidance of VSR or by the customer.

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We are there to help you get started

After assembly is completed, machines and systems are integrated into the planned work process. This can also involve carrying out fine adjustments and process optimisations.

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Guarantee of effectiveness

Our warranty extension

Our guarantee of effectiveness is a special type of warranty. We can offer it because

›› our products meet the highest quality demands,
›› we have thorough knowledge about our products and their applications,
›› we have faith in the performance of our products.

We guarantee our customers that their systems or processes will be in a condition that meets requirements with little or no weaknesses.
The requirement for our guarantee of effectiveness is a binding order for our products including planning by us. In the process, individually defined boundary conditions defined in advance must be complied with.

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Customer service

We won’t leave you on your own

We consider our customer service to be a cycle that begins with the advising stage and often extends beyond the service life of a product. Long-term investments, which are common in the bulk materials sector, require continuous support. After all, problems often develop over a long period of time.
Our customer service is always there for you. In emergency situations, even at night and on the weekend. We have a standby service to guarantee quick decisions.

If necessary, our field staff, engineers, technicians or fitters can be dispatched promptly. We often receive orders and can begin with the initial planning on site. We immediately communicate both to our headquarters by telephone, fax or email.

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